Gold Coast Brisbane & Beyond

Who We Are
We are an eclectic collective of passionate people. Not just locals, but advocates for the Gold Coast culture. We are a small but ambitious team that knows what it’s like to want to lounge on the beach one day and immerse ourselves in the culture that the Gold Coast has on offer the next. We are all seperate from each other, differing interests and opinions, but the one thing we all have in common is that we won’t stop until we’re proud. We all aim for the wow factor. Every issue we focus on growth. We grow upwards, outwards and onwards. We do it with heart and soul, we do it for you.

What We Do

We cover content from Brisbane to Byron Bay. We travel along the Coast speaking to passionate people, eating at the most popular and the best hidden restaurants, shopping locally, wandering through market stalls and supporting local designers. We reflect the lifestyle of our readers back onto themselves, immersing ourselves in the culture that they live in.

We let our readers know what’s on; we support local events through online and in print promotions. We give dining and book reviews, our readers respevt out opinions and appreciate our honesty when promoting our clients. We have writers from all over the Coast, contributing in their specialised areas, from fashion to budgets and the latest in plastic surgery.

We provide not just a publication, but an experience. An open letter to the people from Brisbane to Byron, asking them to join us in our endeavors to open the Coast up, to show people the hidden treasures and share in what we’re best known for. We don’t restrict who can read our magazine, we have content for everyone and we are FREE.

Our Presence

Our social media is a huge part of us. Our Instagram and Facebook is the key for connecting with our audience; it gives us power to give them real time updates on the coming issues, letting them know what we’re working on and when we go to print. But more than that, we take the time on our weekends and holidays to share special moments, great restaurants and beautiful sunsets with our followers. We give live updates on what’s happening in the area, from interesting exhibitions to epic sales that can’t be missed. We use it as so much more that a marketing tool, so when we do promote a client, it slips in easily within our posts.

Our Website

Our website is an integral part of the magazine with 76% of our readers regularly engaging online. It’s also where 57% of those people actually read the publication. We regularly post on our website so that people keep coming back. We post local events that are of interest, each week we include a Fashion Friday post and we love to post short interviews with people along the way that don’t make the magazine. We love to showcase the work of locals and share their stories. It’s also really important for us to have multiple platforms for our clients to utilise for advertising, this is why we include advertising banners as well as paid posts on the website and our social media.