There you have it boys, four easy steps even the laziest amongst us could do it!
That’s, Man Vs Ageing, keeping Australian men handsome.


Now it’s true I’m not your typical man when it’s comes to my skincare regime. Being in the industry for as long as I have can do that to you. But it’s when I hear stories of friends washing their faces with whatever shower gel or soap is closest to them in the shower, I think to myself it’s time I share my secrets with the masses. It’s time we all realise that skincare isn’t just for your girlfriend, and you need to put that bar of soap down! There are a few little things that you can throw into your daily routine that will not only help slow down the ageing process and may also help turn back that clock just a little.

  1. Always use a facial SPF 50+ Sunscreen
    If there is only one thing you take out of this article, please let it be this. USE A SUNSCREEN. Sun exposure is the leading cause for premature ageing amongst men and women. The more you’re out in the sun the quicker you will age, so for all those tradies who are always outside this one’s for you. Adding a strong protective sunscreen to your skincare regime is an easy and affordable way to help slow down the ageing process. It won’t turn back the clock but it will protect your skin from any further damage!
  2. The Man’s Micro (Deep Exfoliation)
    You may have heard your girlfriend saying they are off to get a ‘micro’ and for good reason. Anyone and everyone can get a microdermabrasion, its helps with sun damage, acne, blemish scars, sunspots, and most importantly treats premature ageing! It removes the topical dead layer of skin cells making it easier for your newer skin cells to make it to the surface.
  3. Nail the perfect shave
    One step that I would never skip in skincare is using my gentle cleanser while I shave! This kills two birds with one stone, it helps for a much smoother glide and cleanses your face while the razor exfoliates. Find a gentle cleanser and lather it all over before you even pick up your razor. The cleanser will help to wash away any dirt and debris on your face, it will also replenish moisture and help to prevent dryness.
  4. Add an Eye Cream
    The skin around your eyes is fragile its prone to dryness and is pretty much always the first place to show the signs of ageing. Throwing in an eye-cream to your routine can help prevent these issues. I use an eye cream that is boosted by Peptides, either Snap-8 or Matrixyl 3000. This helps the under-eye area tighten and smooth out those fine lines, helping to sort out those wrinkles!