It’s pretty well known that when it comes to engineering and manufacturing quality, Germans are up there with the best of them. And that extends to their recent (you know, the last 200 years or so) exploits in lager brewing.

Generally speaking, lagers are dryer and more crisp than their (often) fruity, ale counterparts. But not all lagers are created equal. Modern industrial brewing methods, which can even also now be found in some large German breweries, use ingredients and short-cut methods that would make a traditional German brewer, well, probably want to drink wine.

Duke Premium is brewed in a nod to the proud traditional European brewing methods. It recreates the flavours found in the German beer gardens that still pepper the landscape today. The lagers that are brewed from only malted barley, hops water and yeast – the ‘true’ ingredients of beer – and which are allowed to ferment and mature at their own desired pace. The lagers that are recognisable for their clean, flavourful palate and delicate aromas. The lagers that are not permitted to travel more than a one-day horse and cart ride from their brewery, to ensure they are always presented and enjoyed precisely as the brewer intended.

In Europe, an independent leader of a region is known as a Duke. This beer, one of the family of beers brewed by the Gold Coast’s own iconic independent brewery, is intentionally saved for those closest to us. You won’t find it on the other side of the country – let alone the other side of the world. Distribution is strictly, and proudly, limited to our local region only.

We understand a lot of people are moving to our gorgeous corner of the country. This beer may have something to do with it.

BREWERY: Burleigh Brewing Company
BEER: Duke Premium
STYLE: Craft Lager
FOOD MATCH: The balanced flavours of Burleigh Brewing Duke Premium will complement anything from a backyard BBQ to a fine gourmet meal.
AWARDS: World Beer Championships – Gold (2015 & 2014), Silver (2013)